History of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Campaign in Toronto

In October 2020, MobilizeTO contacted Michael Poland from the Treaty team. In November and December, our group spoke to Stand.earth Safe Cities coordinator, and Seth Klein.  Folowing those meetings, in December, a presentation was made at one of Toronto Climate Action Network's (TCAN) meetings, followed by an invitation to TCAN members to participate in a planning meeting. Initial response was slow, but MobilizeTO continued to push forward trying to get groups to support the Treaty. In May, the flood gates opened after a special meeting with TCAN members resulted in other Toronto groups getting on board. Since then, contact has been made with a few key Councillors. Most recently, we have requested to meet with Mayor Tory in hope of gaining his support for the motion to endorse the Treaty that will be introduced at the July meeting of the City Council. All the work of the past nine months has culminated with the official launch on June 14th of the Treaty campaign, featuring guest speakers from the Treaty Organizations, local environmental groups, and many interested parties. 

For information on the Fossil Fuel Non-proliferation Treaty - what it is and why we need it – visit www.fossilfueltreaty.org.